• Data acquisition and management system & PLC & Sw;
  • Steady-state & dynamic engine HOT test systems;
  • Powertrain EOL NVH system (no contact tecnique);
  • Powertrain Turnkey projects (including facilities, designing, constructions);
  • Design, development and production of electrical rigging harnesses and adaptors;
  • Isotherm and special test system.

Engine: Cold tester, IPT & Leak Tester, Hot tester and Dynamo Cell.

Transmission: DCT, MT, AT, V/B, CVT, AMT, HEV.

Our Mission:

  • The production of technological innovations through the collaboration with public and private research sectors;
  • Being close to the customers;
  • Being coordinator/ partner in national and international projects;
  • Creative technology leader;
  • Being a company that rewards society and its members.