We are present in the field of diagnostic imaging, scientific instruments, control contamination environments, keep abreast of new technologies, thanks to our constant investment in research development. Assing is an ideal partner for implementation of automation systems, filling and packing in the pharmaceutical industry.

We are able to offer high levels of customization in all our business segments, thanks to our internal expertise.

  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Control of contamination particles and microbiological entities
  • Sterile environments
  • Biological containment environments
  • ATEX environments
  • High-tech scientific instruments, in bio and nano fields
  • Preclinical instruments

We provide High-tech scientific instrument in the fields of bio technologies, preclinical and medicine. We offer integrated and customized solutions, also in co-design and turnkey, for the environmental control of molecular and microbiological contamination for the production of sterile environments, biological containment environments and ATEX environments.

We have a “Full Service Partner” with an always online level of competence, or in advance, with new technologies. We can offer a valid contribution to the development and progress in the various application areas that require strict control of environmental parameters.

In the diagnostic imaging field, we produce innovative X-ray equipment, versatile and functional. We continually innovate to ensure a more efficient and effective diagnostic, always respecting the patient. We develop hardware and software solutions (user friendly), adapting to the specific needs required. We have expanded our product portfolio, working with major Italian and foreign factories, and made extensive sales network and customer support.
We have developed and realized at the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute, an RSA Dynamic for the performance and study of three-dimensional radiographic sequences for the qualification of the movement between bone and prosthetic implant, or between bone structures, and generally for the joint kinematics.