We provide innovative technologies and solutions for ballistic identification, for examination of documents, for inspection techniques, for the automatic search for gun waste. In the name and on behalf of Forensic Technology, we take care of supply, installation, start-up, maintenance and training of operators of IBIS systems in Italy and beyond. We have created an immersive virtual reality laboratory that reproduces the crime scene, allowing technicians to analyze it from the most diverse angles and to show it in the trial phase. Our forensic virtual laboratory is also very useful in the teaching and training of operators.

In partnership with some companies, leaders in the sector, we distribute, install and guarantee technical support on systems that find applications in the following sectors:

  • Ballistic identification
  • Examination of documents
  • New CSI inspection technologies
  • Automatic search for gun waste
  • Impression detection
  • Innovative training systems in virtual simulation
  • Analysis of gunshot residue