CAT Medical Systems

CAT Medical Systems

On November 10th, 2016, CAT Medical Systems SpA and Assing SpA merged into a “One Company”: Assing S.p.A. ,to strengthen thanks to the membership of a single and larger Italian industrial group.

Assing (in this new version 4.0) is structured in specialized areas that, while pursuing its business strategies, constantly activates transversal and consistent skills.

In Life Science, the Medical Systems, made by CAT, combine with Clean Rooms, Virtual Labs and Research equipment, made by Assing.

This synergic integration leads to a benefit for end-users in economic and performance terms with cost reduction and thanks to a sharing of research and development competencies.

The fixed and mobile phone numbers and offices’ address remain the same because of the factory and the headquarters is the Assing Plant in Monterotondo (RM).