Research and quality assurance are important values of our corporate culture; a high standard of quality allows us to be in line with the expectations of our customers.

Assing has achieved the following certifications:

  • ISO 9001 – Continuous and constant improvement of the company with the aim of optimizing the organizational structure. The areas of interest are related to the design and construction, turnkey, of cleanrooms, engine test systems and related components, sales and service assistance of advanced technology equipment  in the field of scientific research, diagnostics and industrial production.
  • SOA – Certification required by law for qualification of the public works execution.
  • ISO 13485 – It is based on the ISO 9001, for standard quality management system, specific for medical companies, which includes standard aspects of the ISO 9001 and specific requirements for the medical device industry. The areas of interest are the design, production, installation and technical assistance of medical devices and radiological systems.
  • CE HELIOS, CE ASTER – Supporting  that the product to which it is applied, complies with the regulations in force within the European Community and that settle its production and sales.
  • ANTI-BRIBERY COMPLIANCE STANDARDS WORLDWIDE – Assing has been certified Trace. What is Trace? Trace is a non-profit association that provides certification  on the use of anti-corruption and legal procedures.


  • ISO 14001 CERTIFICATION: to support the environmental responsibility, a standard on the most widespread environmental management systems in the world. The organization manages its activities with respect to the environment and demonstrates its commitment in order to limit pollution, meets legal and other requirements, continuously improves its own “Environmental Management System” so as to keeps, totally, its environmental performance.
  • CERTIFICATION ISO18001 OHSAS: Health and Safety on the job, reducing risks and improving workplace safety, to demonstrate our commitment to the employees. “Conditions and Factors” that affect or may affect the health and safety of employees or other staff (including temporary and contract people) visitors and any other person in the working environment (ref. 3.23). “OHSAS 18001 is an organizational tool that manages organically and systematically the safety of employees without upset the organizational structure of the company.