Air Showers

“EOLO” Air Showers realized and developed by Assing is used to remove the contaminating agents from the staff’s clothes when they come in controlled contamination environments where harmful powders are treated and they do not have to be diffused in the external environment.

Operating principle is based on the mechanical action exercised on the particles settled on the staff’s clothes by “airblast” blown out at high speed by adjustable diffusers nozzles and uniformly distributed on the internal walls of the “shower”.

The air is conveniently pushed by a dimensioned centrifugal fan in terms of the volumetry of the shower and filtered in absolute filters at high capacity (H13, H14 or 15). The cleaness effect obtained varies in terms of time of exposure of the staff to the airblasts.

EOLO Air Shower Series

Remove the Contaminating Agents from the Staff’s Clothes

EOLO can be realized in size, capacity and shape, and capacity (“Tunnel”,”L”,”C”…) “on customer demand” in order to adapt it to the specific lay-out of the laboratory.

Eolo PB-D

Dedicata alla Decontaminazione del Prodotto

Eolo PB-D più specificatamente dedicata alla decontaminazione del prodotto, garantisce la rimozione delle particelle grazie all’azione meccanica esercitata da getti d’aria immessi nel vano attraverso una serie di ugelli orientabili, disposti sia sul soffitto che sulle pareti laterali del box.

Disponibile la realizzazione speciale completa di sistema di sanitizzazione a lampade UV denominata : Eolo PB-Duv .