Test System

We design and realise “turn key” any type of engine test system, including all the measuring device, facilities and plants (HVAC, fuel systems, exhaust extraction, water cooling, piping, sound proofing ,heat recovery, mechanical coupling and drivelines, rigging systems, quick-couplings).

The codesign phase with the user is focused to identify the best technical solution at every stage of the process with the lowest energy consumption and environmental impact (use of valves with “intelligent” control and variable flow, exhausted heat recovery, etc.) including the energy recovery from engines under test and assistance for “white certificates” achievement.

The Rigal Engine Hot test system, produced by ASSING, allows to perform both steady-state and dynamic test cycle (Production, R&D, Quality Control).

IC engines and electric motors are connected to a dynamometer in order to simulate standard test cycles and external effects: vehicl’s inertia, road effect, mechanical loss, gearboxes.

The RIGAL test bench performs test cycles in manual, semiautomatic and automatic mode, when the operator only performs a control task.

Rigal’s extraordinary peculiarity is to control and monitor not only the test and all measuring instruments (consumtion metering units, vibroacoustic analysis, ECU analysis …), but also the plants through the cell PLC (Profinet certified). With the mouse and the dialog boxes, the user can manage all the field elements (measuring sensors, transducers, actuators, valves, motors) directly from the video with full computer support, without the need for manual electronic modules.

The DYNAS software package, developed by ASSING, is based on the modern concept of graphical interface. Dynas could be customized directly by the user thanks to the specificity and simplicity of LabVIEW.