Balistic Identification

Forensic Techology allows us to offer the most technologically advanced solution in the world, for the ballistic identification, sharing and discussing significant amounts of information through a network of images, as well as easy and automated correspondence for bullets or cartridge cases’ identification.

IBIS® TRAX-HD3D™ is the latest generation of IBIS technology and includes exceptional 3D imaging, advanced comparison algorithms, and a robust infrastructure. It has been designed to meet the needs of police and military organizations that gain actionable information from firearms and their fired ammunition components. This technology contributes to the investigation process by helping experts to see more, link more, and solve more firearm-related crimes.

IBIS® TRAX-HD3D ™ system includes two high-resolution imaging system BRASSTRAX e BULLET TRAX for bullets and cartridge acquisition, a DATA CONCENTRATOR, for the storage and management of captured images, a CORRELATION SERVER, for comparison and sharing images captured with the information contained in the IBIS network, a MATCHPOINT, for image analisys.