CSI Investigations

Systems for the detection of both latent and highlighted by chemical elements fingerprints, in order to provide a qualified documentary support to the crime scene.

Assing proposes tools and equipment designed for a variety of needs, users and applications. The products offered allow for direct use at the crime scene as well as laboratory use, offering the opportunity to detect, control and view the evidence, while ensuring performance and reliability.

Assing provides devices designed for real-time scanning and analysis of fingerprints or to highlight, retrieve and print or tire tracks and footprints on different surfaces. The line of UV lamps, is ideal to discover latent fingerprints, blood stains, semen, fibers, hair fibers, glass particles, of footwear prints. The portable UV lamps, with no use of wires and shoulder housing, guarantee unlimited movement around the crime scene.

The fumigation chamber, are shown to detect latent prints with automatic process control and high security standards. The system is designed for safe and effective analysis of the evidence through the method cyanoacrylate; with a controlled environment for the analysis of latent fingerprints on most non-porous surfaces, avoiding to personnel exposure to noxious fumes.