SL-450 – Projectina

The ideal lamp for investigations, trials and/or physical traces.

Ideal to discover latent blood stains prints, semen, fibers, hair fibers, glass particles, footwear prints.

The SL-450 lamp is totally portable; no use of cables and shoulder accommodation.

For this they are guaranteed all the unlimited movement around the crime scene.

The Xenon light source provides an amazing output of light for investigations at the crime scene. The battery ensures the complete autonomy for about 90 minutes.

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CSL SHOE – Projectina

Systems for the detection of fingerprints.

The linear matrix high brightness LED allows you to view an imprint of a shoe with a striking contrast of different types of kinds of surfaces. The telescopic handle makes the use of this very easy lamp.


  • LED array with 16 high power LEDs (55 watt).
  • White color.
  • Linear beam shape, width 310 mm.
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion, capacity of 14.8 V, 4.3 Ah.
  • Continuous operation: to about 100%. 45 min., At 70% ca. 60 min.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Weights: Lamp: ca. 1000 g, Battery storage: ca. 450 g.
  • Cooling fan.
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PAG LAB MSA-810 – Projectina

Ideal for trace evidence investigation in the laboratory.

The Projectina MSA-810 PAGLAB Forensic Light Source is designed to be operated in the laboratory.

This light source completes the SL-450 Crime Scene Lamp and Crime Scene Shoe Lamp, and is ideal for trace evidence investigation, verification, and documentation.

It is the ultimate forensic tool for professional laboratory work.

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Foto Light Box – Projectina

Impresses by its simple use and its universal application possibilities.

Impresses by its simple use and its universal application possibilities.

Shoe print securing foils, gelatine or transparent, are extremely well illuminated and illustrated.

Each box is ideal for shadow-free oblique and transmitted light pictures.