XPERT 80 System

The main features are:
  • Dimensions of the detector up to 17 '' x 17 '' (43 x 43 cm).
  • Detector resolutions up to 48 microns.
  • Powerful image analysis tools.
  • Microfocous X-ray sources up to 130 kV (5 micron focal spot,> 100 lp / mm).
  • 12X magnification provides images with resolution> 100lp / mm for ex vivo imaging.
  • High resolution filters for high quality details.
  • Can save annotated images in multiple formats.
  • Optional high resolution optical camera for side-by-side comparisons of X-ray images.
  • Mobile system for easy transportation.
  • Doors for introducing anesthesia for in vivo imaging or for positioning monitoring devices.
  • Stainless steel internal panels for easy maintenance.
  • Counting software packages (seeds and other objects), BMD and Body Composition are available.