The Research Partner

It is our declaration of intent and our goal: to produce technological innovation by collaborating with public and private sector researchers.

We have always engaged in an industrial research activity that does not involve only individual companies and single university institutes, but real networks, in which the various participants make their knowledge and specificity available. We are members of AIRI (Italian Association of Industrial Research), the most important Italian R & D company in which prestigious national industries and public bodies participate.

We have contributed to the drafting of the AIRI 2016 report “Innovations of the near future.

Priority technologies for industry “, a text that aims to identify global development scenarios in the road, iron, maritime and microelectronics and semiconductors sectors.

Our skills, at the service of technological development, go from: from design to construction and testing of infrastructures with a high technological content; from the identification of the appropriate analysis techniques up to the supply and use of the relative systems; from technical-scientific advice on the interpretation of results to the organization of advanced training courses.

The 4 areas of the Core Business

The experience gained in the design and turnkey construction of test benches and test rooms in the “powertrain” engine field, allows us to offer a complete range of solutions and services in the specific sectors of research, the automotive industry (passengers and industrial vehicles) , of public transport (rail, road, marine), up to cover the most recent applications in the field of electric and hybrid traction. We are supplier / partner of the main Italian and European industrial groups, to whom we propose advanced testing solutions. Our production quality control system it’s based on an innovative neural network microphone technique (NVH – Annet). Our energy recovery systems, while respecting the environment, allow quick returns on investment and obtaining white certificates. Thanks to our engineering skills, we develop “specific” tests and special test systems, such as: test benches without surveillance for the approval and verification of the efficiency of isothermal vehicles intended for the transport of perishable goods ( according to ATP standards); systems to identify the barycentre of vehicles in different settings (Tilt Table).

If there is a new component to be tested, Assing will find the solution.

We are able to provide scientific instruments and controlled contamination environments for bio-technologies, preclinical, diagnostics and medicine. Our image diagnostics includes a wide range of radiological equipment, partially designed and produced by us such as: instruments for mammography, systems for translational medicine, electron microscopes (SEM environmental and TEM), X-ray microscopes (XRM) for 3D reconstruction of the preparation biological. Our design team offers integrated and customized solutions for the control of particulate and microbiological contamination with strict compliance with international reference standards (GMP, GLP, FDA, ISO). Our proposal is aimed at the pharmaceutical, hospital, confined biosafety laboratories, cell factories for advanced therapies and transplants, regenerative medicine…

We offer scientific equipment and instrumentation with high technological content for nanotechnologies, materials science, semiconductors … In equipment for characterization, Assing is in Italy the synonym of SEM (scanning electron microscope), having collaborated always and only with the most reliable factories manufacturing advanced systems and having a consolidated team of high professionalism and competence; about 700 systems are installed by us in the centers of excellence of public and private research. We design and build systems and cleanrooms for those who must operate in a clean environment (nano and microelectronics, materials, aerospace, optics, mechanics), proposing customized solutions even in the classes closest to the technological limits currently attainable, such as ISO 1- class 1.

We provide innovative technologies and solutions for ballistic identification, for examination of documents, for inspection techniques, for the automatic search for gun waste. In the name and on behalf of Forensic Technology, we take care of supply, installation, start-up, maintenance and training of operators of IBIS systems in Italy and beyond. We have created an immersive virtual reality laboratory that reproduces the crime scene, allowing: to technicians to analyze it from the most diverse angles and to show it in the trial phase; to teachers to have further useful support  in the teaching and training of operators.

The Vision Assing 4.0

It was 1971, when Renato De Silva, current CEO, founded the Assing Ingegneri Associati s.r.l. with his fraternal friend Luigi Cremona. with 900.000 Lit. of social capital and a clear idea: to develop innovation and internationalization which still today represents the company strategy.

Thanks to substantial investments up to 4% of the annual turnover, we have increase our competitiveness and our presence in the international market.

The synergy of the accumulated experiences and the enthusiasm and creativity of new ideas have helped us in these years, to define, develop and dispose of high value-added technologies, services and products: competitive but sustainable, with low energy impact and environmental, as well as social.

IStarting from its own factory, Assing, with a photovoltaic system of 92 kWp which allows to cover its energy needs and ensures a reduction in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, equal to 57 tonnes/year.

Special attention to the social challenges of Horizon 2020, to Research and Responsible Innovation (RRI), with regard to the identification of the innovative technologies of the near future, to be always ready to define a business strategy that meets the needs of national and international markets.

Everything is always based on principles of transparency and fairness, as attested by the Italian Competition Authority, which awarded Assing the maximum score for the rewards requirements related to the legality rating.


The challenge

Export “Made in Italy” and transfer technology to low-employment countries.

The target

Double the current Export turnover, reaching 30/40% of the total

Focal Poin

A point of listening for identifying local needs and find solutions

 In all these years

  • We have sold products and services all over the world: from Detroit to Taiwan, from Australia to Canada, from Bangladesh to the Azores, from Russia to Spain.
  • We have made transfer of technology to Russia (Kabardino – Balkarian Republic) and, in collaboration with the Tor Vergata University (Faculty of Medicine), in Sub-Saharan Africa, (Sierra Leone, Cameroon). For these projects we have taken care of the selection, training and coaching of local technicians and researchers.

Public/Private Laboratory

In the Research Area CNR Roma 1, in Montelibretti (RM), ZuppiLab, Laboratory born from the collaboration agreement between the Institute of Environmental Geology and Geoengineering of the CNR and Assing.

It takes its name from the prof. Giovanni Maria Zuppi, who together with Ing. Renato De Silva, had conceived this scientific and technological structure that combines the high scientific value of Research with the pragmatic approach of the Private Company.

The main activities of interest, study and development of the Laboratory, consolidated by the experiences acquired by the two partners are, in particular, related to important issues such as:

  • Industrial research in the fields of the environment, new materials, sensors and analytics for environmental safety in activities concerning the development, design and construction of instrumentation and high-tech systems.
  • Geological, geomorphological, geological-technical and geo-mechanical survey, aimed at defining the local seismic hazard.
  • Development of processes and technologies for the treatment and rehabilitation of natural environmental and recovery matrices, for the purpose of their valorisation for recycling or reuse.