Online Event – Rigaku XRD Forum

We are pleased to announce that Rigaku Europe SE will be holding a free three-day Powder XRD Forum that will be conducted in an ON-LINE format, following the best practices for on-line conferences and events.

The event will run from 9.30–15.30 daily with a 1-hour lunch break (12.00-13.00). All times are Central European Time.

During the meeting we will discuss classical XRD topics, as well as advanced X-ray scattering techniques:

  • Progress in structure solution and Rietveld refinement using powder diffraction data
  • Total scattering studies (PDF analysis)
  • Use of XRPD in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Non ambient in-situ studies
  • Battery materials and in-operando measurements
  • Nanomaterials: structural, microstructural aspects
  • Quantitative phase analysis using XRPD (WPPF, DD method, etc.)
  • Stress, strain and texture
  • And others…

Please join us to discover the latest developments in Powder X-ray diffraction from Rigaku and discuss your research with fellow XRD scientists, share experience and provide feedback to Rigaku thus helping us to develop better instruments and analytical techniques.

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